CLINICAL Communication and Collaboration

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Make more informed care decisions. Reach specialists instantly. Bring your team closer together.

How can your healthcare organization achieve these critical imperatives? Join RingCentral, special guest Gregg Malkary from Spyglass Consulting Group, and a panel of healthcare leaders as we examine common communication challenges experienced by mobile clinical workers, and opportunities to improve point-of-care collaboration with cloud-based communications solutions.

In this interactive event, we'll take a look at: 

  • Connecting care teams in order to reduce staff burnout
  • Developing an effective mobile communication strategy
  • Optimizing workflows to support CC&C


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Your RingCentral Host
Senior Director of Healthcare Product Marketing

Lance Mehaffey is the Senior Director of Healthcare Product Marketing at RingCentral. He has spent over 20 years exploring the healthcare space while leading go to market strategy for global communications vendors, and as a healthcare facility administrator. He focuses heavily on how communication, contact center, and collaboration solutions can enable providers to realize: virtual points of care, connected care teams, and intelligent patient engagement.

Your RingCentral Host
John Poli
Healthcare Industry Principal

John Poli is the Industry Principal for Healthcare at RingCentral. In his leadership role John is responsible for driving industry thought leadership and organizational focus on increasing healthcare market growth. John works across the industry with care management and IT professionals to develop integrated solutions to improve healthcare delivery and administration.


John has held senior leadership positions for over 20 years andhas leveraged innovative technology to change business models: drive digital transformation; and develop IT and Business Strategy.


Guest Speaker
Gregg Malkary
Managing Director, Spyglass Consulting Group

Gregg Malkary is the Founder and Managing Director of Spyglass Consulting. With more than 30 years of strategic planning, marketing, and business development experience, he is a nationally recognized leader in digital and clinical transformation, helping its clients create, protect, and transform business value to support executive decision making, drive innovation, and enable sustainable competitive advantage.



Welcome & Guest Intro
“Clinical Communications and Collaboration”
Moderated Q & A
Closing Remarks

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