Brandon Stanton

March 10, 2021


Kamal Ahluwalia

March 24, 2021

Tony & Grammy Award-Winning Artist

Leslie Odom Jr.

Behind the Curtain of Success

Clea Shearer & Joanna Teplin

Staying in with

The Home Edit

Bringing Everyone to the Table

Samin Nosrat, Yewande Komolafe, Osayi Endolyn

Chief People Officer, VICE Media

Daisy Auger-Dominguez

Shaping the Future of Work

Reimagining Work

Sarah Milstein, Kathryn Finney,

Tricia Wang, Laura Crescimano

Offensive Coach, San Francisco 49ers

Katie Sowers

Coaching Connection

Creator of Humans of NY

Brandon Stanton

Humans of New York

Next Play & The Last Mile

A Lesson in Hiring a Diverse Workforce

Gong, Zoho, Theta Lake

Being Remote

Shouldn't Feel Remote

Journalist, Producer, Author of Brotopia

Diversifying the Seats at Your Table 

Tamara Levitt, Calm

Mindful or Mind Full?

Hi Neighbor Hospitality Group

Ryan Cole                                      The 10-Day Turnaround

Best Selling Author, Customer Experience Expert

Shep Hyken

Customer Service in 2020

CEO/Founder, Sendoso

Kris Rudeegraap

Finding New Ways to Connect

Author and Host of TED Radio

Manoush Zomorodi

Unlocking Creativity through Boredom

Orangetheory Fitness

Keep Moving 


Author and Professor of Psychology

Dr. Dacher Keltner

Happiness from the Inside Out

Prairie SF

 Chef Anthony Strong 

A Kitchen for the Community